21 Day Reset

A Whole Food Detoxification Program

whole food detoxification

Join me for 21 days of dedicated nourishment from the world's healthiest foods,

and give your body a much needed RESET.

Why Now?

The best time to do a reset is when your body is ready to move away from unsupportive food and embrace deep wholesome nourishment. The best time to do a reset is when you hear that whispering "something has to change" voice in your head. 


This is for you if:

  • You have been feeling less than ideal; sluggish, bloated, and tired
  • You are craving cleaner, lighter food that leaves you feeling totally energized!
  • You over indulged a little too much recently and could benefit from a structured program to support you to feel lighter and better in your skin
  • Your sleep hasn't been the best, and you have become a master at hitting that snooze button
  • You wake up each day with the best intentions to "do better" and "eat healthier" but you just don't have the motivation to stay on track
  • Your skin has been looking tired and dull
  • You are ready for the inspiration to get back on track and feel fantastic!

What exactly is a 21 day Whole Food Detoxification?

  • The purpose of this program is to support your body to detoxify on a cellular level, focusing on eating specific foods and including whole food based supplements

  • It is an opportunity to re-inspire you to focus on the many benefits of a plant strong diet (i.e. eating more veggies!)

  • You eat food EVERYDAY on this 21 day journey. This is not a "juice cleanse" or a "master detox" or a "lemonade diet" or any variation of the former. This detox does include consuming high quality green smoothies each day but you are also eating REAL FOOD! 

Why should I listen to you?

I have done the research!
abra black radish

As a dedicated holistic health practitioner for 11+ years, I have worked alongside and in partnership with the top integrative physicians and champions of alternative medicine, I have spent years researching and seeking out the highest quality foods and supplements (no mass market, poor quality, woo woo "detox" here!) I am also currently working towards a Masters degree in Functional Medicine and Nutrition - learning the newest research and most optimal ways to treat our body to prevent illness and live vibrantly healthy. 

Knowing that a high quality detoxification program was essential, I set off on an epic adventure to find a detox that not only worked, but was something I could really believe in. After many trials, and travels, I found myself on a 3000 acre organic farm in Wisconsin, where I was able to truly see first hand how each and every product was made and manufactured. 

I want you to see HOW good GOOD really feels!!

Once I found the cornerstone products that would become the foundation for a quality detox, I spent many years tweaking and perfecting the 21 DAY RESET, a program designed to detoxify your body and set you on the path to healthier eating habits long term. 

"I am down 12 lbs. in 21 days, awesome I know! But what I am most proud of is how I shifted my day to day eating habits. I look forward to my veggies every day, I am no longer dying for that coffee at 3pm, and I haven't had energy like this for 20 years. Yes, I would recommend this program to anyone!" - Tim

Here is what you can expect from the program

  • Reduced inflammation in the body
  • Better Sleep
  • Increased energy and a metabolic boost!
  • Improved Skin (glowing! vibrant!)
  • Weight loss (on average most participants lose 8-12 lbs.)
  • Improved digestion (goodbye bloating!)
  • Increased ability to do back flips, lot's of them, across your living room floor ;-)


    "I first did Abra's 21 day program 3 years ago, I have consistently reached back out to Abra twice per year since. I look forward to it now. The energy that I have when I complete the program is unmatched. I love that my cravings for junk food go away and I get back in my kitchen. It's exactly what I need a few times per year to get back on track with my healthy goals." - Michelle

    What's included?

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    • Daily email support from ME, including recipe inspiration, motivation, and clear guidelines to follow each day
    • A reset guidebook
    • Fully stocked supplement bundle shipped to your door (including ALL necessary whole food based supplements)
    • Meal Plans, Grocery Lists, Recipes for EVERY week of the program! 
    • Post-reset guidelines (plus a handy chart for reintroducing foods)
    • Bonus: a 100+ bonus cookbook for post reset
    • Bonus: Green Smoothie Cookbook! Chocked full of my most popular smoothie recipes

    When does it start?

    February 2018

    Do I have to live in New York to participate?

    Nope. You can live anywhere in the continental U.S. If you live outside of the U.S. please contact me directly for shipping options: (abra@nutritiousamerica.com)

    "I was really afraid to 'detox' for 21 days. I kept thinking about all of the food I wanted that I wasn't going to be able to eat. I leaned on Abra for the first week and committed to at least trying every day. I am floored by my results. I stuck to it all 21 days and it was no where near as hard as I thought it would be. I feel incredible and I can't believe I lost 14 lbs, that was a major bonus"  - Nora

    Where do I sign up!?!?

    Just scroll on down, you will see the enrollment button below :-)

    Your Investment Includes

    • A specialized Reset supplement bundle delivered to your door, including the highest quality whole food supplements designed to support your system through the 21 days and beyond!
    • A detoxification guidebook - including clear and specific guidelines for the entire program
    • A getting started audio guide + a post detoxification audio guide
    • 21 daily emails from me! Daily tips, tricks, and wellness inspiration
    • Weekly meal plans
    • Clear and specific recipes 
    • Grocery lists 
    • 150 page bonus recipe book
    • Bonus green smoothie cookbook
    • Basically you will be completely set up to succeed in every way possible
    • Optional: Additional individual nutrition sessions may be added (one hour nutrition sessions held over the phone or via skype)

    Your Investment: $347


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    BONUS OFFER: Friends that RESET together STAY together

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    Enrollment open! Can't wait to get you started :-)

    What the Reset Rockstars have to say:

    "Taking the 21 day RESET with Abra was one of the most significant steps on my nutritional journey. It helped me better understand my physical and emotional connections to food. Having Abra's support was crucial, with her deep knowledge and personal touch." - Michael
    "Abra's RESET program makes you feel younger, fresher, lighter. Think I am kidding? I am not! 3 weeks with Abra and your skin will be glowing, you will want to exercise, you will sleep like a baby. It's my little fountain of youth - I will always come back" - Michi
    "I am so thankful that Abra has come into my life. I love her support and her energy. Her willingness to help and answer questions when I need her is so awesome. I love sharing my new yummy food photos and recipes that I am trying because I know Abra will always give positive caring feedback and support me to stay on the right path.  Also, I am down 13 lbs!!!" - Brandy
    "I decided to do this program to get my sugar cravings in check and to learn to make healthier food choices. It worked! My sugar cravings have decreased significantly, I am way more in tune with what my body truly needs to feel great, and I am making healthier choices (and cooking A LOT more) every day." - Kristi
    "I lead a pretty healthy life, eat wholesome food, work out, and overall take good care of myself. My job, however, requires that I travel a ton. This takes it's toll. I noticed after many months of traveling that my energy levels were in the pits, my sleep was not great, and too often I was relying on that 3rd cup of coffee to get me through the day. I did Abra's 21 day reset program and felt like myself again. It was the perfect jumpstart to help me make better choices while on the road. As an added bonus, my clothes fit so much better! " - Leah
    "Weight loss was not my ultimate goal, but the little mommy pooch I had after having my daughter has flattened significantly!! I lost around 8-10 lbs. Not too shabby for 21 days!" - Lisa
    "Let's face it we all could use a little detox from time to time. I have done this program 3 times and will keep doing it at least 1x per year. I feel amazing, energetic, lighter, and more like me. I love how the 21 day program reminds me how easy it actually is to prepare healthy food. Overall, my body feels 100x better when I am taking care of it, I just need a little reminding 1 (or 2) times per year." - Rebecca
    "13.5 lbs! This, I did not expect. Not one day of this program felt like a 'diet'. It was a supported healthy adventure, I LOVED it!"  - Will
    "The structure and guidance of the 21 day Reset program was just what I needed.  The recipes are excellent and relatively easy to prepare. I am finally starting to lose my menopause belly and I remain motivated to prepare healthy balanced meals!" - Angela

    The Details (FAQ)

    Q: What will I have to give up?

    A: For 21 days we will gently release foods that could be creating inflammation in your system, like sugar, caffeine, alcohol, dairy, and gluten.

    Q: Will I be hungry?                                                                                                                                              

    A: No, honestly that isn't the point of the program at all. I want you to feel totally nourished and energetic and fantastic!

    Q: When does it start?                                                                                                                                        

    A: Enrollment period is open, you can join at anytime.

    **Please note it will take 4-5 business days for your supplies to ship